VIDEO CREATION & EDITING BY Jason / Clay (AKA) Da Funky-Vangelist. Musician & Broadcaster of FaithFood TV

I very much enjoy editing & adding special effects as a video editor for related FaithFood TV videos (See all my Music Video Creations at the bottom - & my other promotional video artwork material at the top).

HERE'S An alternative way to HELP keep your cost down - If your church / organisation are willing to do the filming, (this can also be on mobile phones), provide wording & Gathering of the art Material. to make the choices of backing song &/or music for the production and have this placed on a USB Key... Then using my editing skills, I will be able to complete the rest of the task!

Please take a look at some of the media advertising work that I have created over the years and make your request's via the following form of any of the work's that you desire to be similarly produced for you. 

See previous work done by (me), the author and guideline prices below… 

Please note that the following prices do not include tax or vat. Thank you.


A1 Prices can be negotiated…    £70 - Soft effects & under a minute. (No sound)!


B1 Prices can be negotiated…£120 - Soft effects & over a minute.


C1 Prices can be negotiated…£140 - Medium effects & over a minute.