Interested in launching your own ‘SMART’ REAL-LIFE COMMUNITY TV Channel?

 (Please fill in the), ‘Request Entry’ form (below)... Here are a few things you must know and have already decided before a  ‘SMART' Channel requests can be accepted or activated...

1, Naming your ‘SMART’ Channel 

 Your channel's name. You could name it after yourself. It could be named after your church name or you can get more creative. (Post-Code Channels, off course comes with your Post-code).

2, ‘SMART’ - TV Displays…

Which of the following displays do you think works better for your website/s and viewers, more informative, or less informative? You choose!

Display 1

Display 2

Display 3,

3, Embed your 'SMART' Channel Everywhere! (Onto Multiple websites)!

The HTML Code to all our FaithFood.Tv ‘SMART’ Channels can be embedded onto any website!