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98% of the video material found on this website was gathered &/or produced by a Funky - Vangelist, (FaithFood.Tv Member). If you are still one of the many, unaware of the great love God has for you by sending His only son Jesus Christ into the world, you'll find that many of the following videos and products here, were all created with you in mind! Our sole purpose is to develop within today's internet networking environment, cool media tools and ways to share with you in detail, what Jesus did. You need to understand how every decision you make on this earth affects your prospects of an eternal future with God and so, be made aware of this fact now before you leave or eventually - Christ returns!

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Recent Posts...

Seven Headed Dragon of Revelation | Ken Johnson
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse | Mikel Cary
Finding Jesus in the Book of Malachi
Are Strange Sounds Signaling Something Sinister? | Gary Stearman
The 144,000 | Studies with Stearman
The Rapture Debate | Lee Brainard
Ten Commandments of Climate Justice

Funky - Vangelists' Posts

Da Funky - Vangelist posted a video
Oct 29
Da Funky - Vangelist posted a video
The Daniel Project: A documentary about Bible Prophecy that investigates shocking predictions of current global events
Oct 14
Da Funky - Vangelist posted a video
For a limited time, you can get copies of this video on DVD for as low as 25 cents each. See
Oct 14
Da Funky - Vangelist posted a video
http://video.wvbs.orgIf you would like to ask a QUESTION about the material presented in this video, please submit your questions to us through the following...
Oct 14

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Favourite Topics...

My Position on Tongues Is Changing After This! | Church Gone Wild #19
Ray Comfort’s New Dog Has Arrived!
This Video Will EXPOSE Real Love vs. Fake Love | Church Gone Wild #18
The "issue of issues" in the creation evolution debate
Spiritual Gifts EXPLAINED | Church Gone Wild #17
If You're Unhappy In Your Marriage, These Are Your Options...
Watch His Wife’s Amazing Reaction
Many Christians COMPLETELY Misunderstand This VERY Popular Verse | Church Gone Wild #16

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Israel & News...

Global Technology Summit:'Taking UPI abroad will take lot of hard work,' says NPCI CEO Ritesh Shukla
Global Technology Summit: Bankers, experts talk about problem with cross-border payment systems
Australian Parliament censures ex-PM Scott Morrison in historic first | Latest English News | WION
Exclusive: Joe Jonas to WION on his upcoming debut film Devotion | World News | English News | WION
WION Live Broadcast | Major breakthrough in fight against Alzheimer's | World English News
Pakistan: Five killed as suicide bomb blast hits police vehicle in Quetta| Latest English News| WION
Blow to LGBTQ rights: Japan rules same-sex marriage ban constitutional | English News | WION
Benjamin Cowling, Chair Professor, Epidemiology opens up on China's zero-Covid policy | WION

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The truth about PRAYER🙏🤯
Is it from the Holy Spirit or a different spirit? (How you can know)🤯
Every Christian needs to hear this!🙏
The truth about CREATIONISM💥🌎
EVOLUTION: Is it Biblical?🤔
There are many things in the world that can only be explained when we believe in God and God's Word!
Why is there PAIN & SUFFERING?!😭
Can a Christian be an astronomer?🙏❤️

Bibliovlog / Jesus

& lots More...

Jesus' Advice on Finding Yourself
The Cosmic Battle and the Gathering Cloud of Deception – Pastor J.B. Hixson
Deconstructing Peterson’s Reason for NOT Believing in God
Meet the New World Religion – Pastor Billy Crone
Andrew Tate's #1 reason for Converting to Islam?!
Chasing Hope - Don Wickstum's Journey to Race for What Matters Most
“Finding Yourself” Doesn’t Work- Here's Why
What Kanye Gets Wrong About Money #shorts

Bible in a Year

 Alternative FPA Version: Bible In A Year

Bibliovlog / Prophecy

World Science & Robotics

AI predicted humanity's demise in 2040 | Robots program themselves | Tesla's crazy ride
How Many Alien Civilizations Exist in Our Galaxy?
Food Delivery Robot T5 in a Restaurant in China
Doing A Bit of Origami | Da Vinci by Intuitive | pro robots
The largest robot exhibitions in China, Japan and UAE 2022
To the Moon, Mars, and Beyond: The Next Step in Space Exploration
Flying in mountains | flying jet pack man | pro robots
IROS 2022 Kyoto - Japan's largest conference | Robots and Future Technologies

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