> Embed < All Your Videos - TV Network < Style > onto your website/s & > Roku TV < Get the FaithFood - (TV) - Player on a low… £3.00/Monthly Subscription Plan, today!

...Ideal for all Church websites, activating only 'Your-Church' videos & automatically triggering the next videos to play non stop, one after the other on a 24/7 scheduled broadcast.

Choose From small, large to limitless video storage. With pop-up guide reviews on what you're watching. It operates, just like a TV!

Request up to 3x different Channels in one screen more info & a choice of 3x different TV displays. Get yours today! 

See a live demonstration...

Here Are Your Channel Functions To 'SMART' Plan 1,

  • FaithFood-(TV) Player.
  • One FaithFood.Tv Landing Page.
  • A FaithFood.Tv Embeddable 'SMART' Channel.
  • Program of up to 30 Video Playlists. 
  • Embeddable TV code to 3 websites. 
  • (10x video Changes/Updates) per 3xmonths. 
  • For an extra £7 per month. White Lable your Channel / Use your Church logo!
  • Automatically added 'SMART-CHURCH' (Post-Code).

Sharing CHURCH-LIFE through Digital-Evangelism. Made easier with FaithFood.Tv

FaithFood.Tv Is a Multi-Functional Gospel Sharing Online, Streaming TV Platform, offering Services that Equip  Churches on How To Evangelise & be Easily Found within Today's Fast-Paced Technology - See the TV above that displays the best Christian programs found on YouTube, Daily Motion & Vimeo. Looking for a Church? Check out our (Post-Code) Church Search! Coming Soon… Our downloadable TV & ROKU Streaming Apps.

...Join a community of Christian Evangelists who have responded to the great commission & now also have been given their own FaithFood.Tv ‘SMART’ Channels to broadcast whatever their hearts desire for the Lord. 24/7...