What’s it like to be a FEMALE evangelist in the Jewish state of Israel?

Israel Today Jason Clay 23 November 2021

A woman publicly speaking about Jesus is an extremely rare event here in the Middle East, in fact a woman speaking about God at all is quite an oddity. But a Jewish Israeli woman publicly sharing Jesus with her fellow Jews, in the Hebrew language, is something you will never see here in Israel! Well, unless it’s Anastasia… With millions of views, Anastasia became the most prominent and well-known female face in Israeli evangelism. In this exceptional television interview you can find out all about her and the challenges she faces as an Israeli Jewish WOMAN evangelist!

🙏🏻 As you can assume, Anastasia is getting a lot of hate speech and death threats - your prayers will be highly appreciated!! 🙏🏻

By: www.oneforisrael.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/oneforIsrael

Many thanks to "Contending For The Faith TV" and Paul Lodato

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