New technology of holoportation from Microsoft and Nasa |Unique robotaxi Tesla | Technology News

Channel 9, Technology Jason Clay 18 May 2022

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and today we present to your attention high-tech news. NASA and Microsoft's new holoportation technology, how Google teaches robots new skills, Tesla's unique robotaxi, a Chinese robot rat that can penetrate anywhere, a data centre on the moon and other news from the world of high technology in one video!

0:00 In this video
0:24 NASA told how «holoported» doctors to the ISS
1:30 A group of Japanese scientists have created nanobots
2:33 Tesla reports profit for the first quarter of 2022
3:10 Green Launch launches a hydrogen gun
3:55 Robot Rat
4:46 Lonestar announced plans to establish data centers on the Moon
5:27 Quantum technologies for image classification and 3D object recognition
6:07 Robot for railway maintenance
6:42 Tests of the possibility of additional robotic limbs
7:16 Apple showed the work of its robot Daisy
7:55 Google develops a new way to train robots
8:43 The Soft Tenge Robot

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