How Mankind’s Main Hope for the Mars Future | All about Starship

Technology Da Funky - Vangelist 16 May 2022

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You are on PRO Robot channel and today we talk about mankind's best hope for the Martian future, Starship. It is supposed to take NASA astronauts to the moon and be the transport ship for the Martian colonies. The Pentagon wants to use it to deliver military supplies around the world in minutes. Astronomers and space tourists are looking at it, and its creator promises to drastically reduce the cost of space travel. Today we're going to tell you all about Elon Musk's starship, which he calls the "Holy Grail of space technology"! Let's fly!

0:00 In this video
0:40 Starship development and first flights
2:45 What is the final Starship
5:13 the Rocket Top
6:41 Starship payload
7:15 Getting into orbit
7:53 Super Heavy booster
8:33 Mechazilla tower
9:17 Starship
9:40 Landing on other planets
10:12 Rocket engines
11:18 When will Starship fly?
12:25 How much does it cost to launch a rocket?
12:44 Applications and versions of Starship
14:17 Lunar version of Starship
15:02 Starship for Military
15:25 Access to the Outer Planets
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Music By, Jason Clay (AKA) Da Funky - Vangelist


Music By, Jason Clay (AKA) Da Funky - Vangelist