Essex - Community ‘FaithFood’ TV

If you have the wonderful opportunity of owning your own TV Channel, shouldn't you take it? We invite you today, to ‘freely’ join us, by accepting a ‘Channel’ on our FaithFood TV ‘Streaming’ Network.

 FaithFood… Streaming On ‘Big Screen’ TV's

A free online & Streaming TV Channel for 'Essex' based Churches, Charities &/or small Business Services that serve in their communities. Free set-up & no cost for (over-a-year). Otherwise, only £6.00/pm. A Special Promotional Offer!

 FaithFood… Informative ‘Community’ TV

We are making FaithFood TV the place to go to, to watch videos of active Charitable Organisations in your area. A TV that broadcasts non stop, 24/7 the detailed videos of what the local Churches and other integral Organisations are actually doing for us in our neighborhoods. 

FaithFood… Accessible Television.

Accessed all our channels from the Television & TV Remote rather than solely through youtube the internet &/or on Charity - Church - Business websites.

FaithFood… An Umbrella Network.

We believe that by having many Charitable services all under the same roof / FaithFood TV in specific communal areas, will help unify and futher establish stronger links of togetherness by the simple display of many different association channels all on the same TV Network. 

FaithFood… Serving The Community.

An on screen declaration, that we are all on the same side, teaching one another of how to love our neighbours as ourself in our neighbouring communities, being further educated through our videos, to appreciating and respecting the complexities of the different sectors each ‘Channel’ operates within.

FaithFood TV… Don't Get Left Behind!

The internet has moved further than many may think, many of us are still failing to recognise that the tech is already here. You can find the evidence by simply uploading our free ‘FaithFood TV’ App onto your smart TV’s, in the same way you uploaded PRIME, DISNEY &/or NETFLIX.

To find out more about this sensational temporarily ‘free’ service, click on the following linked campaigns; Campaign 1 to hear our vision for 2024 &/or Campaign 2 for our full ‘Video’ service explanation. Alternatively, to immediately acept this wonderful gift while Channels last... Please click on our email adress below. 

…In the meantime (if you haven't already), we request that you start uploading the videos which you desire to be shown on your new ‘FaithFood TV’ Channel, up on to the ‘VIMEO’ video platform. Thank you.

Contact Us Now: Funkyv@FaithFood.Tv

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