252 The End of Days - PRAYER

Channel 10, Holy Teens Jason Clay 18 July 2022

🙏This week, Deborah, producer of The Daniel Project and The Daniel CONNECTION Bible Prophecy films, opens with a quick catch up on what's happning in a world which is coming against The Lord and His people ...

Meanwhile, the international Discussion Panel has now moved on to looking at other End Day scenarios, and this week they discuss Spiritual Christianity. This week's subject is not a favourite subject for many in the Church – it’s not exciting enough for some but it is an essential for life itself – and if you want to survive these days – it CAN’T be overlooked – as the panel discusses Prayer in the last days - and it's importance. 🙏

🙏This week's Friday Feature is from ch18 'The Bible'. 🙏
Dr Darrell Bock explains the importance of speaking to God regularly while describing intercession using the Lord's prayer.
Click here: https://youtu.be/Xct_75iQyJg?t=7

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